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POLLENZO (CN), May 2024

Fresh from the success of our Sales Meeting at the Gastronomic University of Pollenzo, we’re pleased to announce the market launch of a new range of sourdough, PANVIVO SOURDOUGH SENSATION, with a typical Italian flavour. A new innovative line, bringing advanced nutritional values and Italian style to the table, developed in collaboration with our Tuscan bakery chef and consultant Fabrizio Nistri.

The event involved several Millbio’s customers, sales force, together with the technical and development directors, and saw the explanation and introductions of the ingredients’ features and unique selling propositions, together with the label declaration and possible claim.

We also had the opportunity to see our bakery chefs at work, during the shaping and baking of some typical Italian applications that we tested to understand their aromatic and taste profile.

We didn’t miss a moment dedicated to the sensorial evaluation and comparison of the characteristics of our new premixes which, with a 10% concentration, are quick and easy to use.

PANVIVO SOURDOUGH SENSATION does not contain preservatives, emulsifiers or added flavourings, following Millbio’s core principles: increase fiber, reduce salt, reduce sugar, increase antioxidant levels, no GMOs and no e-numbers.

It is all natural ingredients, comprised of local cereals originating from:

1. Apulia – Durum Wheat

2. Sicily – Chickpeas and Sage

3. Tuscany – Farro

4. Piedmont – Riso Nero

5. Trentino Alto Adige – Rye and Cumin

Are you ready to try a bite of true Italian Taste?