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Looking for a tailor-made-solution?

Our commitment goes beyond the ingredients we produce – our rich history of research and innovation breeds our continuous investment in customer collaborations and in the development of custom-made solutions.

We’ve been active in the research and development of innovative ingredients at our headquarters in Italy since 1992.

We aim to combine a long history of expertise with every latest innovation and trends, to make the future of food a reality today and to provide our customers with the perfect solution for their products.

The natural heart of quality

We have chosen to be E-free to enable our costumers to do the same!

Nowadays, more and more consumers want natural products, with a growing awareness of clean, sustainable nutrition.

Reading labels has become more commonplace and consumers keep a watchful eye on ingredients and their sources every day – clean labels influence their purchasing decisions more and more.

This is why we have chosen to be E-free (Clean-label, no E-numbers) enabling all our customers to be E-free too.

Ensuring a label that is free from long lists of additives offers natural answers to the needs of industrial baking, and satisfies the needs of nutritionally-aware consumers and end users.

Clean-label brands and products are more appealing, increasing their competitive edge in the market …naturally!